Tommy Redmond


I began playing soccer in 1980 after my illustrious T Ball career of one season and an All Star appearance as well. I remember coming home and telling my dad I was gonna play soccer and that I knew how to play already (LOL). As you can imagine growing up in Gwinnett County Ga soccer was a pretty unfamiliar sport to most in that day and age. My dad supported the decision, maybe with some broken hopes that my MLB career may not happen. The game of soccer hooked me and I latched on. Fast forward 41 years and I am still playing, just much slower these days. I was able to play and win 5 state championships here in Ga at the club level, play at Shiloh High School, and earn a soccer scholarship to Piedmont College. Over the years I have spent time training and developing players, including my own children, to help them take their knowledge and skill to a higher level. The “WHY” for me is to watch young men and women grow as people and players to develop a sense of community, team, family, and a feeling of accomplishment.


Coach Redmond served as a great coach and mentor to our son for several soccer seasons. The drills he employed and the confidence builders led to our son’s successes on his high school varsity team. More importantly, here’s what our son shared, “he’s cool, and I like him as a person.” Pretty weighty stuff for a 16 year old!

Fuss Family

I recruited Tommy for Piedmont College Men’s Soccer team because of his ability, but more importantly for his competitiveness and drive to be the best. I have no doubt he will bring that type of focus in his Academy.

Jodie Smith, Head Soccer Coach, Alabama State University